I'm not just a Bodhi Mama, I'm a Singing Mama too!


Singing Mamas Choir CIC: We are a not-for-profit organisation founded on bringing women together to create community and provide mutual support, and singing to improve mental health and well-being.


Here's what women, and mothers are saying...


"I'm really enjoying the sessions and learning new songs together. My little boy loves crawling around the hall and listening to the singing."


"I love watching my lock down baby interact so positively with others - Such an amazing group!"


"I've been in a total slump this week but now I feel genuinely so much better after some breathing and singing!"


"There's nothing like this in Hexham... It's so nice to do something for us but which includes our little ones too"


What is a Singing Mamas Choir? 
It's a space for YOU - Mothers, Non-Mothers, Pregnant Women, Grandmas, Aunties, Elders, Young’uns - ALL Women* who want to feel uplifted, and connected through singing together, and enjoying tea and cake together!  *When we use the term woman/women, we mean anyone who identifies as or has experience living as a female. 

It is a safe, nurturing and welcoming space focused on adults but where our babies and children will find enjoyment too. 


We begin with a gentle check in and relaxation exercise, we have a sing and then I make you a cuppa and a sweet treat so you can focus on having a natter with your new community of lovely women. It breaks down as roughly 60 mins of check in, relaxation and singing, and 30 mins tea and chat. 

Our groups are covid-secure, closed groups with strict policy guidance and measures in place in order to be compliant with current regulations and evidence based, safer singing practices.  

What will we sing?

We will sing simple and beautiful songs, creating harmony with our voices - Some of the songs contain positive mantras that as we sing them over and over become part of us, and help us to release any negativity we might be holding onto.  Singing will also help to improve our posture and lung health. 

We sing in our natural voice, without backing tracks and in a circle.  You do not need to read music or have any experience in a choir.  I don't teach you how to sing, I teach you lovely songs that we can sing together. Click here to be taken to the Singing Mamas Choir YouTube channel for lots of lovely examples of songs we might sing.

What does it look, and sound like?

Here is taste of what to expect from a Singing Mamas Choir group - The people in the video are a well established group based in East Sussex.  Our group will go at it's own pace, build our confidence session by session, and collect our own set of songs that we enjoy along the way.

Why now? 

Singing Mamas has been going for over 10 years but right now it feels needed more than ever - Our lives have been turned upside down by the Covid-19 pandemic and unsurprisingly, a lot of us will have experienced feelings of isolation, loneliness, stress and fear, and although we’re hopefully turning a corner to ‘getting back to normal’, some of our experiences will have left a mark and continue to affect our lives. 


Singing Mamas Choir know that this type of targeted support works wonders for improving health and well being, particularly women in the postnatal period, and or with low mood and depression.   


Where and When?

Sing for Ukraine - Pop Up Sing! Saturday 11th June, 2pm - 4pm, Stocksfield.  Book Here

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