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“Bodhi” is the name of my son and it means enlightenment or to be enlightened.  As well as a nod of love to him and how much he has changed my life for the better, it just seemed so apt a name for my business as I believe all mamas can be Bodhi Mamas by choosing Hypnobirthing.  AND by adding a dose of coming together as a community of women who sing for the love of it, you experience a massive boost to your mental health and well-being.  Check out my Singing Mamas Groups!

During my pregnancy with Bodhi, I struggled with feelings of fear and anxiety.  I knew how I would like to give birth but I lacked the confidence and knowledge to express myself.  I wanted a calm and relaxed birth with as little intervention as possible but feared a loss of control of my body.  I also knew very little about what was going on in there apart from how big he was week by week in relation to a fruit or vegetable!

Lindsey Joy Headshot

Face on for date night...it is possible post birth I promise!


But then I found out about Hypnobirthing and everything changed - by doing a group course and then through regular practice with the support of my husband, I was able to replace these uneasy feelings with calmness and positivity.  Hypnobirthing helped me to develop strategies to overcome the challenges that came my way

I developed a new found respect for my body as I learned more about the amazing job it does; its all incredibly interesting stuff but also really empowering. 

Fresh out the oven - two days old!

My labour and birth went well on the whole - I had a water birth at the RVI birth centre and used Hypnobirthing and the gas and air pain relief option to manage the discomfort I felt.  My husband was by my side throughout and an absolute trooper helping me to stay calm and relaxed.  I even managed to reach under the water to touch my son's head as he was coming out, unreal!  

But Hypnobirthing doesn't guarantee that things will go to plan, nothing can - However it does allow you to draw on practiced techniques and knowledge to help you remain calm and give you confidence in challenging situations. I used my Hypnobirthing techniques to pull myself together a couple of times when tiredness and fear started to creep in, and relied on  my husband to do some advocating for me when I just needed to be quiet - Your birth partner has a vital role. 


Autumn outdoor adventures with my little fam!

Bodhi Mama and Katherine Graves KGH

Me and Katherine Graves after I became an accredired KG Hypnobirthing Teacher


How are you two years old????

When I'm not being Bodhi Mama and a Singing Mama, you'll probably find me and my little family doing something outdoors related like tramping through the woods, going to the beach, and in all weathers!  I love the stress release that gardening gives me...apart from when Bodhi digs my flowers up...!  We've also not long bought our first home so my head is always buzzing with ideas for wallpaper and better storage...

Oh, and I'm addicted to Air BnB - It's like the TV show 'Through the Keyhole' but you actually get to stay there!  And I rescue Cacti from supermarkets...I can't walk by a poorly treated houseplant!

Mini Bio, Skills & Qualifications:

I have worked in person-centred, and community-based services my whole career - I'm a passionate advocate, a people person, and enjoy raising people up as opposed to doing it for them. 


I have a degree from University of Newcastle in Social Sciences, a PGCE in Primary Education from Northumbria University and an NVQ Level 4 in Information, Advice & Guidance.  In the last few years, I qualified as a KG Hypnobirthing Teacher, accredited by the Royal College of Midwives, and trained as a Singing Mamas Choir Leader.


I keep my knowledge and skills about birth, pregnancy and new parenthood up to date via regular CPD courses with people like Dr Sara Wickam (she's a rock star in the birth world!) - Here I am with my 'Gathering in the Knowledge' certificate 2021 (left).  I also really value Evidence Based Birth and my local Maternity Voice Partnership.


Mammy and Bodhi smiling in the sunshine :-)  


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