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Hello Bodhi Mamas!

Congratulations on your pregnancy; best wishes for the birth of your baby and welcome to Bodhi Mama!  It would be my absolute pleasure and privilege to support you on your journey towards a positive pregnancy, birth and beyond …just like this lovely bunch of parents.  


My name is Lindsey and I'm mammy to two wonderful little people; Bodhi is a very lively 5 year old & River has just recently turned 2 and she means it!  Along with my husband & superdad Santosh, we all live in our happy home in the Tyne Valley, Northumberland.


I am a passionate and experienced birth educator, hypnobirthing specialist and advocate.  It’s my thing to promote and teach the benefits of Hypnobirthing since it worked so well for me during both of my pregnancies and most recently helped me achieve my dream of giving birth at home. 

I am also a singing for well-being practitioner - check out what I get up to with my Singing Mamas hat on!

Bodhi means 'enlightened' by the way and that is how Hypnobirthing will make you feel too - All Mamas can be Bodhi Mamas!

I was trained by Katherine Graves, a leading UK expert in Hypnobirthing, and have a KGH Teachers Diploma in Hypnobirthing, accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.  My antenatal course offer has also evolved over to years to include methods and styles such as Hollie De Cruz; Siobhan Miller; Ina May Gaskin; Dr Sarah Wickam; Rachel Reed and so many more.  Basically, I've read all the books and listened to all the podcasts, good and bad, so you don't have to!

My birth preparation courses are a fully comprehensive antenatal programme, taught through the lens of Hypnobirthing.  This means we leave no stone unturned in terms of what you need to know and want to know about pregnancy and birth.  As well as the physiological side of things, we also practice techniques which focus your mind and body on releasing fear and building confidence in your ability to give birth.  And when I say birth, I mean all types of birth: spontaneous labour; induction; c-section; assisted delivery; at home; in name it.  Preparing for your birth and by applying hypnobirthing principles will always make a positive difference.

Expecting Couple

How we'll work together


Option1. Free Introduction to Hypnobirthing

A chat about anything and everything you'd like to know about Hypnobirthing. 

Ping me a message and we can sort out a time which suits us both.

Option 2. Group Course - Meet other pregnant people.

This is a great way to build your community of parents to be. 

Ping me a message.

Option 3. Private Course - Just me and you two, plus bump!​​

Just like it says on the tin, and in the comfort of your own home, pjs and pets welcome!  Ping me a message.


Option 4. Refresher Course - Need to brush up on your Hypnobirthing?

Have you dabbled in antenatal education during a previous pregnancy?  Did you only use internet resources, and or a book about Hypnobirthing?  Do you want a more personal and bespoke experience?  Feel like you know the basics but got some questions or concerns?  Ping me a message.

Option 5. Bespoke Group Courses - For a ready made group of friends or community group.

Maybe you're a group of friends all pregnant at the same time, or an NCT group that wants to take a deeper dive into exploring positive birth practices... Ping me a message. 

Special Offer: a free Electric Oil Diffuser!  

As well as the usual bag of goodies: 

  • MP3 Relaxation Tracks

  • Bodhi Mama Parents' Guide & Postnatal Pack

  • Positive Affirmation Cards

  • Notebook & Folder

  • Handmade Lavender Bag

  • Your favourite snacks to enjoy while you learn

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