KATV (03) - Out and About this Autumn

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

I did not realise how much you can look forward to the rain until I had a toddler! Before he was born, I would look out the window and say ‘ugh’ before sinking into the couch with a blanket and a box set. But anyone who has been through the toddler stage knows that this is no longer an option because just as you sit down with a cup of tea they are immediately up to something! Chasing the dog around the house; unpacking pans from the kitchen drawer and enjoying the clatter as they hit the floor; taking a bite out of several pieces from the fruit bowl or chucking toys out of the window just because!

So, you buy them a decent rain suit; wellies and pack a change of clothes and out you go into the gale - But instead of feeling miserable, I am immediately lifted by my little man’s look of sheer joy and excitement as he runs towards a huge puddle, and splash! Or shaking the branch of a tree and opening his mouth to catch the drops of water. He waves enthusiastically at passers-by, woofs at dogs and does not seem to mind when he falls over or when he charges into a ford and the water comes over the top of his wellies! As I’m trying to keep up, I don’t even notice the rain or the fact that whatever scrap of make-up I put on that morning has been washed away – I’m smiling from ear to ear, loving every minute of being in nature and having the best time with my boy.

Here are some of our favourite family-friendly adventures for all weathers:


You can park for free in the car park at the bottom of Well Bank and then turn right along the river, walking for about 30 minutes to reach the Roman Ruins managed by English Heritage, before looping back into town. It’s a beautiful walk – past the ducks; past the teenagers throwing themselves into the river from the rope swing; past fields of sheep and some incredible ‘land that time forgot’ vegetation further along! At the Roman Ruins, they have no issue with my little man running and scrambling about – they welcome you to bring a picnic and have a family loo. Take away coffee, and lunch options are in abundance in the village; Mammy must have Flat White by 9am to function! I’m really looking forward to dropping into the newly opened Spokes Kitchen for brunch.